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To know or to represent a victim of traumatic brain injury is to be sobered by the gravity of the injury and humbled by the victim’s efforts to regain his life.

Statistics don’t often tell us much about the individual victim, but they can tell us much about the extent and severity of the problem across our population. According to the Brain Injury Association of America:

1. Every 23 seconds one person in the United States sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury.

One of the best things about the seasoned trial lawyer is the wealth of his experience.

One of the worse things about the seasoned trial lawyer is the poverty of his experience.

Trial lawyer, let’s look at just one of your jobs — the discovery of the other side’s facts. Do you file the suit, then serve Interrogatories and Requests for Production, and, after finally receiving all of the other side’s discovery responses, then and only then take the deposition of the other party? This would be normal, this would be expected, and at least in most cases this would be safe and productive.

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